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Calterm 70303 Insulated Alligator Clip Mini-Pak 61370 Piggyback Adapter Victor 22-5-05101-8 Replacement Male Plug
For home and auto applications. Piggyback adapter, .250. Replacement for broken plugs on older 12 volt appliances. Simple two wire hook-up. Ribbed wire is positive, smooth wire is negative.
Calterm 8452 Junction Block Victor 22-1-39047-8 Accessory Plug Tech Line Antivibe 65507 Double Crimp Butt Splice
For RV, audio and motorsport. Allows for additional wiring circuits to be safely connected to vehicle's electrical system. Ring, hook or spade type terminals fit. Four terminal junctions. Replace the plug and extend the cord on broken 12 volt products. 8-foot charger cord. Replaceable 5 amp fuse. Operates on less than 5 amps. For easy crimp splicing.
Tech Line Antivibe 65554 Fully Insulated Female Coupler AntiVibe 65556 Fully Insulated Coupler Set Tech Line Antivibe 65521 Double Crimp Butt Splice
UL Listed. Set of male and female couplers. Nylon 12-10 gauge 1/4" tab. Nylon insulation withstands the high operating temperatures of today's vehicles. Extra crimp sleeve with long flared neck extends over the wire insulation preventing wire pullout by gripping the insulation in addition to the stripped portion of the wire. Higher heat resistance and stronger crimp strength make it superior to PVC terminals for all applications. For easy crimp splicing.
Gold Tech 65637 Ring Terminal Shrink Seal 65752 Fully Insulated Female Coupler Shrink Seal 65724 Ring Terminal
Audio terminals with 24K gold plating. UL Listed. Heat to shrink and seal.
Shrink Seal 65707 Butt Splice Shrink Seal 65754 Fully Insulated Female Coupler Shrink Seal 65701 Butt Splice
Heat seal and waterproof. UL Listed. Heat seal and waterproof.
Shrink Seal 65723 Ring Terminal Shrink Seal 65753 Male Coupler Shrink Seal 65704 Ring Terminal
Heat to shrink and seal. Blister shrink .250 tab. Heat to shrink and seal.
Shrink Seal 65746 Female Disconnect Shrink Seal 65711 Ring Terminal Shrink Seal 65721 Butt Splice
Heat seal and waterproof. .250'' tab. Heat to shrink and seal. Heat seal and waterproof.
Shrink Seal 65726 Ring Terminal Shrink Seal 65710 Ring Terminal Shrink Seal 65741 Female Disconnect
Heat to shrink and seal. Heat to shrink and seal. Heat seal and waterproof. .250'' tab.
Calterm 5149 Terminal Connector Kit Multi-Tow 47675 7-Outlet Management Power Adapter Calterm 5207 Automotive Emergency Electrical Repair Kit
Complete assortment for most garage and shop wiring projects. Includes terminals, connectors, grommets, and clamps. 22-10 AWG size. UL Listed. Weatherproof socket and terminal covers. Great for tailgating, camping or emergency use. 7 RV Blade to 5 wire flat and 4 wire flat with 12 volt power socket. Adapts to tow multiple trailers with 5 and 4 wire flat connectors. Carrying case stores neatly in vehicle for emergency wiring. Multi-tool crimps 22-10 AWG insulated terminals and 7 to 8mm ignition terminals, strips and cuts 22-10 AWG solid or stranded wire. Includes multi-tool, 12-Volt DC test light, mini screwdriver, battery terminal brush with with internal and external wire brushes, test leads, fuse puller, glass and blade fuses, primary wire, electrical tape, heat shrink tubing, butt splices (22-10 AWG), ring terminals (22-10 AWG), spade terminals (16-14 AWG), quick splices (16-14 AWG), fully insulated disconnect sets (16-14 AWG), female disconnects (16-14 AWG), wire caps, grommets, and cable clamps.
Mintcraft CP-399PC3L Automotive Electrical Repair Kit
Includes a foldable, high impact, double decker carrying case that allows both sides to be open at the same time. Use on motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc. Contents: Crimping tool, 5 way, (AWG 22 - 10),  Insulated Screwdrivers: 1- Phillips #1 x 4", 1 - Slotted 5/32"x4",  Long Nose Pliers 6",  Voltage Tester (AC/DC, 3.5 - 400 Volt) Cable Ties: 250 pc - 3/32" x 4", 6 pc - 3/32" x 8", Assorted Velcro Ties 4 pc  15/32" x 5-3/4", Wire, 18 Gauge x 60", Electrical Tape (7mil x 3/4" x 30'), 1 pc Test Leads, 1 pc Fuse Puller, Blade Fuses: 2 pc of each 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A, Glass Fuses: 1 pc of each 5A, 9A, 10A, 15A, 20A, Assorted Wire Clamps: 10 pc - 1/8", 3 pc - 1/4", 3 pc - 3/8",  Butt Connectors: 13 pc AWG 22-16, 14 pc AWG 16 -14,  Ring Terminals : 5 pc AWG 22-16, 5 pc AWG 16-14, 4 pc AWG 12-10, Spade Terminals: 5 pc AWG22-16, 5 pc AWG16-14, 4 pc AWG12-10, Male Disconnects: 5 pc AWG22-16, 5 pc AWG16-14, Female Disconnects 5 pc AWG 22-16, 5 pc  AWG 16-14,  Quick Splices 3 pc AWG 16-14, Twist-on Wire Joints: 10 pc AWG22-16, 5 pc AWG22-14, 5 pc AWG 22-12.